I specialize in capturing people...those you love, and those who love you.


"If you have ANY doubts at all who to choose for your wedding photographer, go with Michelle Valantine.  Not even kidding, she's absolutely amazing and has an eye for everything and all poses/shots that will be absolutely beautiful!  My baby sister was on a budget with her wedding and I was EXTREMELY skeptical about her photographer until the first time I met her.  She truly has such an amazing eye for everything beautiful and is so incredibly professional.  She captures these perfect, intimate photos and I had no clue until I saw them that she was even there!  She's SO wonderful at her job!  And it wasn't even my wedding, I even live in Minnesota, and me and my fiancee are trying to figure out the cost and budget of getting her to come here for our wedding.  You can't go wrong with her :)"  - Michelle M.

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